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Garage Door Tips Advice

Looking for some professional tips that can help you maintain your automatic garage door system? We've got some useful pieces of advice that are worth your attention. Check them out below.

Test your door's auto-reverse mechanism

Aside from photo eye sensors, your opener should also have a force resistance mechanism that reverses the door if it encounters resistance on its way down. In order to test this mechanism, you need to place something under the door without it being detected by the safety sensors. That means you'll need to use either a small block of wood or a tall barstool. Then you need to close the door using the opener, and check to see if it reverses when it touches the object. If your door keeps trying to close and doesn't reverse, the force limit settings need to be adjusted.

Change the access codes occasionally

If your opener doesn't have rolling code technology you should change its access codes on a regular basis to improve the security of your home. Thieves can use special devices that hijack radio-transmitted codes, so don’t make it easy for them. Whether you only have a single remote control or several and also a wireless keypad, this can be an important security boost. Find how to change the codes in your owner's manual or contact our team for help.

Keep your garage clean and organized

Do not leave bikes, lawn mowers, and other garden tools and miscellaneous items lying around the garage. Make sure boxes are stacked neatly against the sides and that other items hang on walls or the ceiling. Eliminating clutter will enable easier parking and reduce the risk of you accidently damaging the door or the tracks. If you use your garage as a designated workspace, remember to store tools and instruments in an organized way. Also, make sure to keep the door connecting your garage and the rest of your house closed and locked, just as a form of added security.


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