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Garage Door Installation
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Garage Door Repair Walnut Creek is the hometown garage door installation, maintenance, and repair service for your garage door and all its parts.  We handle each of these areas with care, professionalism, and quality name brand products.  We make sure that we are prepared in every way to help our fellow citizens with their garage door systems.  Of course we do have to admit that our favorite part of garage door service is garage door installation and garage door replacement.

New home construction is still happening in Walnut Creek so garage door installation is still that we do regularly.  Of course with more people opting to stay in their homes and doing upgrades we do a lot more garage door replacement.  We can help you get the upgraded garage door that will serve you better and give your home more curb appeal.  We are aware that most homeowners opting for renovation over buying new are doing so to save money in the longs run.  Our services and products are always price competitive.

Three types of garage doors exist in the industry, aluminum garage doors, steel garage doors, and wood garage doors.  Each has their own features that appeal to different home owners.  At Garage Door Repair Walnut Creek we offer installation for them all.

Aluminum garage doors are the budget conscious alternative that is getting all the buzz lately.  They are lightweight and affordable.  They are great if you are not ready for or can't afford a garage door opener since they are easy to lift.  They are also great paired with a belt drive garage door opener because they are light and can be more silent when going up or down.  There are various styles of aluminum garage doors and we have them all at Garage Door repair Walnut Creek.  Stop in and select one of these doors and schedule your installation.

Steel garage doors are the garage doors that you tend to see in commercial construction

Garage Door InstallationThey have been making their way into residential construction as of late.  They offer safety and security to homeowners.  They stand up to weather that the Bay Area can dish out.  If safety and durability are for you then so are the steel garage doors and we have all the best of those to ready to install.

Then of course there is the old standby, wood garage doors.  At Garage Door Repair Walnut Creek we have a soft spot for these garage doors.  They are the garage door that most people grew up with before garage door openers were popular.  They still are the most popular garage door that we install.  We can help you find a garage door that suits your exterior and your style from all the name brands that we carry in wood garage doors.  Let us recommend a Craftsman garage doors for this type.  Or how about one with garage door windows?  You will be amazed at the options.

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