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How To Prepare Your Garage Door For Colder Weather

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How To Prepare Your Garage Door For Colder Weather

Prepare Your Garage Door For Colder Weather | Garage Door Repair Walnut Creek, CA

Summer may only just be over, but colder weather is definitely on its way. No matter what the winter months bring, now is the perfect time to catch up on any weatherproofing that’s needed; don’t wait it until it’s too late. By that point, it will be a lot more difficult, and the resulting problems may be greater and more expensive.

  • Check The Weather-stripping Material

    Protecting the contents of your garage from the elements requires good, strong seals. Weatherstripping the door prevents moisture, debris and pests from making their way inside, so it’s essential to check that it’s in good condition before the stormy season arrives, so that you'll get the material replaced in due time. Take a close look, checking for any signs of perishing rubber or damage to the seals. If you detect any issues get the seal in question replaced as soon as possible. You can also turn all the lights off inside the garage and then close the door and look for pinpricks of outside sunshine around the panels. If you find any, those seals will also need to be replaced.
  • Clean The Door

    The last thing you’ll want to do in cold weather is spend any time cleaning your door. That’s why it’s a good idea to get this out of the way before winter gets here. All you’ll need to do is break out a bucket of warm, soapy water and a soft piece of cloth; this should be enough to remove dirt build-ups, dust and grime from the door’s surface. If you have a wooden door this will take longer, as you’ll need to sand the door down and apply a protective finish. However it’s absolutely essential to protect wood panels from the elements; otherwise they can quickly begin to take on water and lose their integrity and become warped.
  • Check The Ventilation

    Even during cold weather you’ll need air to be circulating through your garage. Without good ventilation you’ll find moisture begins to build up. Moisture leads to mold, and also provides the perfect conditions to corrode the metal parts of your door system. Improved ventilation can be as simple as installing a vent in an exterior wall, or investing in a dehumidifier to control the amount of moisture in the air.
  • Invest In a Space Heater

    Not everyone wants to spend their weekends working on their car inside their garage, but if you need to change the oil or replace a tire, you won’t have a choice. Make things much more comfortable by installing a heater. There are plenty of options available, from ceiling-mounted units that don’t take up any storage space to small portable ones that can be easily wheeled out of the way afterwards.

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